Our vision

The origin of Der Aesthethik expresses a multicultural and globalized concept of the brand, where the Italian matrix is contaminated with European culture to open up to the metropolises/cities of the world. The spirit of Der Aeasthetik is to marry together the small, entirely artisan production with an international luxury brand. Its mission is to promote the development of productions based on the value of work, respect for the environment and human relations.

Handmade in Italy

Uniqueness is a key concept of this brand’s philosophy and is expressed through the selection of the highest quality materials. The leathers, strictly first choice, come only from local Italian tanneries. There, the production process is born and developed in small artisan workshops located in central Italy, where ancient knowledge survives and is passed down from one generation to the next.

Shipping worldwide

Deraesthetik products are handcrafted. From the moment of the order is placed, the choice of leather is made, which is a handmade cut and is processed without the need for machinery. The gold plate comes from the melting of the raw materials. We want our customers to appreciate the time we take to create our unique products. For this reason, Der Aesthetiks’ products are shipped for delivery to our customers withinin 15 working days.